Trial of Sorcerers

Eira is a water runner and outcast in the tower of sorcerers. She is the niece if Fritz (the Minister of Sorcery) and his husband Graham, and the youger sister of Marcus, the best water runner at the tower. Eira's only friend is  her best friend, Allys, a talented groundbreaker. Eira's outcast status comes from … Continue reading Trial of Sorcerers

Find Me Their Bones

Rating: Varia has emerged, revealing herself as definitely not-dead. She knew Gavik would kill her at some point soon, it was a matter of when not if. So, she faked her own death, cutting off her hand and fled to the witches to claim D'malvane witch blood right. They, of course, do not know she … Continue reading Find Me Their Bones

Evermore Academy: Spring

Rating Summer’s family and Mack’s family celebrate Summer’s birthday at Mack’s home. Mack's fathers and Summer’s aunts have become fast friends. When they arrive at Evermore academy for their second year, things are different. The Spring Prince, Hellebore, and some other students have transferred over from Whitehall academy. Hellebore is displeased at how humans, like … Continue reading Evermore Academy: Spring